CRM Matching

We Pan The Gold From Your CRM

There is gold inside, we help you find it.


If you sell a product or service that buyers will repeatedly buy our CRM Matching program is right for you. The easiest customers to sell are the ones who already know you and we have designed this system to pluck new opportunities quickly and easily.


Somewhere in your business you have records of your prior customers. They may be stored in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, or your marketing automation solution, or maybe even in Google Sheets. Our team has worked with everything. We import your existing customer list and run it through our algorithm to see if those customers have re-entered the market. If your customer appears in our leads we alert you to contact that customer right away. Just import them back into your sales funnel and do the follow-up to bring them to a close.


Take advantage of the relationships you’ve already built. Don’t let those customers you’ve already closed in the past decide to buy from someone else. Contact us to find out how the LeadworxX CRM Matching can work for your business.

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