InMarket Leads

Find The Buyers Among The Browsers

Producing Leads Based On Web Behavior


Every business that needs leads has run into one of several problems; Leads aren’t exclusive, they are old, where they came from is not clear….basically the leads seem to be low quality. The solution has been to build a lead funnel and start driving traffic to that offer, and optimize it until it starts to convert the quality of leads the business needs. This can be an expensive and frustrating process, mostly because the users you send are at various stages of the buying process. Some are ready to buy, but most aren’t. And the ones “ready to buy” didn’t request contact for some reason, which can take a long time to figure out.


The LeadworxX InMarket algorithm is designed to eliminate the hassles of generating qualified leads for your product or service. It’s designed to isolate and deliver to you the top 3% who are ready to buy, and let you focus your conversion process on those leads specifically.


With a proprietary algorithm that leverages machine learning, the system evaluates billions of “web signals” per day across multiple systems. This learning process allows the algorithm to discern buyers from browsers, generating web profiles of buyers in the market. We pass those leads to you so that your team can focus on the follow-up and conversion process that is successful for your business.


The LeadworxX InMarket leads are territory-exclusive, so territory in each market is first-come, first-served. Don’t delay locking in your opportunity to dominate with these leads in your market.

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